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A guide to website jargon

We will be creating a number of posts to help explain the different terms that are used when talking about websites.   When talking to a web designer or agency, they will often use some jargon, some of which you might have previously heard of, some maybe new terms.  This can lead to a very confusing and hard to understand process.

Whilst it’s probably not intentional to confuse you, it’s not un-common that certain phases will pop up.  You, yourself might instigate it because you want to find out a little more.

During these posts I will often use analogies to help put certain phases into a context that is more familiar with everyday life.

Feel free to suggest keywords you want to know more about and comment on anything that still isn’t clear.


Our first jargon post will start with your website ‘Domain’ – keep an eye on our blog, and specifically the ‘Jargon’ category if you are interested.

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