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Website Hosting

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What is ‘Hosting’?

Continuing on from the previous blog entry on ‘Domains’.  We’ll turn our attention to ‘Hosting’ which goes hand in hand, to recap, as a metaphor, a domain is like the address of a house, the ‘Hosting’ is like the land where the house/website resides.

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Website domain

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What is a ‘Domain’?

Often referred to as ‘website domain’, ‘domain name’ or ‘domain URL’ – but what is it?  Well, it’s the term given to the address of your website (and is also used for email addresses).

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Website Jargon

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A guide to website jargon

We will be creating a number of posts to help explain the different terms that are used when talking about websites.   When talking to a web designer or agency, they will often use some jargon, some of which you might have previously heard of, some maybe new terms.  This can lead to a very confusing and hard to understand process.
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Can I create my own website?

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You’ve decided you want a website, but what next?

You have probably asked yourself if you can create your website yourself.
The honest answer is yes, of course you can. There are lots of options available to you. It is possible to create a professional looking website without the need of any programming skills or knowledge. You will have seen the adverts about how easy it is to create your own website, whether that be using WordPress, Droomla, Squarespace, Wix, Go Daddy etc.. the list goes on.
With so many options however, confusion and doubts creep in.
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