The Key Aspects We Covered

Chameleon Financial Planning wanted a website to launch their new business.  They had a good idea of the standard of website they were looking for and identified the style of they liked.  We talked about the content and structure, by offering our advice we came up with a user friendly website.
There were some key areas established from the consultation stage.  We structured these in sub categories to make navigating around the site simple and easy.  We adopted colour to match with the logo and chameleon brand.
Linking to the ‘Chameleon’ brand the use of colour was an idea of the client.  We incorporated this into the menu items and then into the sections of the website to distinguish between the different sections of the business.
Since the client is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority the site went through a review process and meet the requirements by the FCA.

As part of the project and ongoing support Chameleon decided to use Office365 for their email and sharepoint capabilities which we setup for them.

Menu examples

Page examples

Chameleon Financial Planning - Corporate

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